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Cavemen, Listen Up: Modified Paleo Diet Offers Promise In Hunt For Weight Loss - Houston Diet And Exercise | Examiner.com

Controversial diet guru who eat 5lb of potatoes in one go says single-food feasts are key to weight loss | Mail Online

Freelee says that the type of foods she eats in her mono meals is why, despite the high calorie consumption, she remains so slim A downside to the Paleo Diet is that it takes clean eating a step further by eliminating categories of food recommended by the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, such as grains, beans, legumes and fat-free or low-fat dairy. Also, the Paleo Diet is out of alignment with USDA recommendations on the percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fats an individual should consume daily. For example, a sample Paleo Diet has a higher threshold for fat consumption than USDA guidelines one of the major criticisms of the Paleo Diet. The USDA dietary guidelines recommend that 20-35 percent of daily caloric intake comes from fat. The Paleo Diet exceeds that, with about a 39 percent from fat, according to U.S. News and World Report, which ranked the diet relative to other modern-day eating plans. It is counterintuitive to assume that to burn fat youd consume more of it. The Paleo Diet allows nuts and even nut butters, seeds and coconut oil, all high in fat. Its protein allowance at 38 percent, according to U.S. News and World Report, also is higher than the USDAs 10 to 35 percent recommendation, the upper limit being more appropriate for a bodybuilder looking to pack on muscle. While it exceeds USDA recommendations on protein and fats, the Paleo Diet is tough on carbs another plus of the program.
Para mas informacion puede visitar el articulo sin traducir http://www.examiner.com/article/cavemen-listen-up-modified-paleo-diet-offers-promise-hunt-for-weight-loss

Dr. Mehmet Oz 'Eating one type of fruit/plant food only for a meal is very healthy because it simplifies and optimises digestion. Freelee claims that despite the high calorie and carbohydrate content of her diet, it has helped her to achieve her enviable body Freelee shows followers an average potato mono meal which is over 4lb of plain spuds chopped up, and either boiled or baked and eaten plain 'Most of the body's energy goes towards digesting food so when we eat meals that contain several different foods the body has to work harder not only to process the complicated combination but to extract the nutrition it needs. 'The freed up energy from eating mono meals can then instead go towards healing/cleaning/detoxing the rest of the body and organs, eliminating excess weight and that's why many people report glowing skin and high energy levels eating mono meals. 'Another advantage is just one type of digestive enzyme is needed to process the meal. If you look to nature you will see that animals in the wild always eat mono meals and do not suffer the same digestive problems or weighty issues as we humans commonly do. Antacids are one of the most commonly purchased over the counter medication for a reason!' Freelee, who has suffered both anorexia and bulimia in the past but now says she she's fully recovered, claims this kind of gorging is the natural way humans were designed to eat'. Freelee says that the type of foods she eats in her mono meals is why, despite the high calorie consumption, she remains so slim 'Imagine our 'tribe' came to an abundant mango tree in nature, we would have happily filled our bellies with only mangoes and then moved on to the next location. This is what I largely replicate on the raw till four lifestyle. 'When you switch to a high-carb, plant-based lifestyle one of the benefits is that you get to eat big! For me this is a treat because I love to eat abundantly and I get to stay slim and healthy. The reason you get to eat larger volume meals on this lifestyle is because plant foods are high in fibre and water but are low in calories.
Para mas informacion puede visitar el articulo sin traducir http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2633736/I-lost-3st-eating-vast-mono-meals-Controversial-diet-guru-eats-5lb-potatoes-one-says-single-food-feasts-key-weight-loss-health.html

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